“Never give up”


That was one of the most generic business planning ideas we had ever heard before showing up at the Ashesi campus, not knowing what was next. The scavenger hunt, the design classes with DK and Dela, Water Propulsion and Pitch your Idea Challenges – these were our most memorable challenges in week one of AIX, not to mention the friends we made. Energizers, presentations and team work pushed us out of our comfort zones.

“Success isn’t given. It’s earned.” These words will never depart from our hearts.


AIX has indeed instilled in us an immeasurable amount of confidence and discipline. in just two weeks our minds have been transformed in amazing ways and even though it was tough and every step was challenging. We managed to push through. Yes, we failed along the way but we failed fast! we learnt a lot of life lessons, made unforgettable memories, possible life-long friends and best of all, we have grown.

“We run to be fierce”,”it’s not a competition”, “teamwork really makes the dream work,” “everything is a remix”, “creativity is not magic” and most importantly, ” think outside the box.”


We’re going out there to change, heal and blow the world away in our own small way. Thank you, AIX, you have opened our eyes to new possibilities.

– Bijoux, Marion, Kasha

❤ ❤ ❤


What AIX does to you [day 12]


So today was exciting and scary at the same time. Why? Because we were going to be introduced to our final challenge today. After studying how the reed switch was used in a circuit, the suspense was broken. And guess what, we didn’t just have one challenge, we had two! Our first challenge was to build two rooms of our choice out of cardboard. We were to use four sensors and actuators each and program them to respond to the code in these rooms – basically a smart house.


Our second challenge was to code an actual house made out of wood to respond to the commands of your choice. We started with our first challenge, it was fun bringing together all the crazy ideas we each had in our separate groups and building this smart house, but i must say, it can be very frustrating when your code is not working.


This is what AIX does, it pushes you to the limit – no, beyond the limit! It takes you out of your comfort zone. It simply brings out the real you.




__________ Kalmoni Kamilia __________

My AIX2016 Experience [day 6]

__________ Adebiyi Beatrice Omowumi __________

Hmmm…I experienced a lot in AIX. To start with, I never knew the kind of people I was going to meet or share a room and ideas with. AIX widened my knowledge and added to my experiences by allowing me to make as many friends as possible as well as meeting people from different places, within and outside Ghana and Nigeria.

From my experience in Engineering classes, I learnt that team work is the best way to achieve a particular goal. I also understood that challenges should keep you moving forward – they make you stronger.

Also, I learnt that one’s success comes from determination.

“GET CLOSER; DIVE DEEPER”, these were motivational words for me in AIX.


__________ Danquah Genevieve __________

AIX, on the whole, has been really nice. It’s fun, educative, stressful and a lot more. I just don’t like the fact that it gets me out of my comfort zone sometimes, but I know I’ll see the impact of everything later. Thanks, AIX!


How was your day? [day 11]

My experience today has been very interesting and stressful at the same time.  In the morning we had our normal daily kickoff where members from each group, be it engineering, robotics or entrepreneurship, came up and gave a brief summary of what they did and learned the previous day. After this we proceeded to our individual groups to receive information about our final challenge.

In engineering we were given two final challenges; one was to build an automated structure and it could be whatever you wanted whether a house, an office building or a stadium, and the other was to wire a room. The room was supposed to be wired for other people to come in and experience your work so it’s sort of like an inspection but luckily we have been given 3 days to complete our challenges.


Team dynamics

After receiving our challenges and starting a bit of work, we moved to one of the classes to have a talk with five people; four engineers and one computer scientist. They talked to us about what work they did, some challenges they faced getting to where they were, their proudest moment and other fields of work they could get into with their skill set. After the talk we managed to ask a few questions then we headed back to the engineering lab to continue our project.


We continued to work on our projects. The stress started to set in as people had different ideas on what should be used and where it should be used and what it should be used for. Due to this I decided to leave the designing of the house to my group mates and I started programming how the things we agreed on should work. As we continued working I realized that things were becoming easier because there was a lot more consensus in the group and this wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for our group coach Jessica. She really encouraged us throughout the time we were working and this gave us hope so we managed to continue. We still haven’t finished but then at least we got somewhere decent with our work and I hope we will be able to finish before the deadline so we can have more time to include any finishing touches, which may make our work better in one way or another. In summary it started of well, took a bad turn but then it went back on track.

by William Amuzu



Yesterday, honestly wasn’t my best day. It started out alright with breakfast and some  Lego Challenges. As the day went on, I began to feel a bit under the weather and that made me feel bad. We had a career workshop but unfortunately, I found it challenging to be attentive. Back in the robotics class, fortunately, I was quite familiar with the principles that were taught.

by Anderson Addo


On the 17th of August 2016, AIX was a good day and it was also a bad day for me as a member of the AIX team! To be sincere, I will say this week was a challenging week for me since I was always thinking about things to do in order to be part for the presentation which goes on in my module (Entrepreneurship). The reason was me being stammerer. I was always frightened to talk when there are a lot of people around but with the help of my team coach and Dr. Sena, I have realized who I am. I was a trying to talk normally as my mates did but it was difficult. Dr. Sena inspires me. She took me to one of the staff members of Ashesi who was a stammerer but has been able to recover.

He advised me and now I am not stressed with any problem. So with everything that goes on, I try to involve myself now.


“I try to involve myself now”

by Gyan Ampofo

Le Genre Mardi [day 10]


The day started with aerobics. I was woken up by my room mentor David Edem, so I could get ready . I put on my sports cloths, brushed my teeth and went to the park place for aerobics. It was very hectic but energising. Then I had to rush to the bathroom so I could get a hot shower before breakfast which I did . I ate the usual at breakfast. Bread , eggs and sausage. And the we all proceeded to Motulsky hall. Some pictures and announcements were given and then  I went to my robotics class. 28929941952_6c72c82297_o.jpg

We continued programming the robots we had built and getting it to do different tasks. We work in pairs for programming one robot. We were asked to program the robot to drive in different shapes like squares and triangles. Most pairs did it successfully including my own. Writing code is a bit tedious at first but then you start getting used to it. We had some snacks in between the lessons. At one point all the robotics students were called unto the field to do an exercise .We were divided into groups of about seven people each . The goal of the game was to untangle ourselves while we are holding the hands of the person across from us .



My team was able to do it really well . And lessons continued. Around dinner we all moved to the cafeteria to eat . Now was one of the few times your could see people from the other classes who are either in entrepreneurship or engineering.  We cherish that time now . The mentors had organised a ‘boys boys ‘ meeting with only male participants. We discussed issues which seemed important and gave advice to each other based on our experiences. It was a very funny experience . We got to ask questions which were other wise deemed inappropriate. Our only problem  was time , before we could finish discussing all out issues, it was already time for the next event. It took place in the lounge.28934843131_e159f5c5f8_o

When we got there , loud music was already playing we got us in the mood.Different cocktails were served . Some were weird with huge Fruit pieces inside. I didn’t even dare to try those .When the girls arrived the party actually begun. We all danced to the music. Some people decided to play basketball. Soo many activities were going on at the same time .It was awesome . Unfortunately someone got injured during the basketball match but he was well taken care of by the mentors and friends around . My friends and I at a point took uno cards and played around some benches while chatting . The evening was lit. When everything had died down everyone starting going back to their rooms. I went to my room and changed into more comfortable cloths. And then went to bed.


  • Malik Aryee-Boi

Monday Buzz [day 9]


Teammates working on their robot

It’s been almost two weeks now, two creative, innovative, mind-stretching, entertaining and worthwhile weeks in Ashesi Univeristy.

Its been a tough learning experience but very fruitful, I have learnt so much from leadership design and engineering.The challenges given to us from design were tricky and I loved them. It brought out our crazy creativity. Also building smart houses was so much fun in engineering.

Working in groups promoted teamwork and the various presentations boosted up our confidence in public speaking.Everything in general, from the kind-hearted and understanding faculty, to the friendly and amazing coaches and even to the kitchen


Participants prepping their robots

staff was wonderful.

If I had a chance I’d love to come to AIX 17 for another round of innovative experience

•Maame Akosua Odei Kyei•

My name Ayodeji Adeniran Joseph, I am from CAC Grammar School, in Ekiti Sate of Nigeria. One of my most memorable experience in AIX 16 is learning how to adapt in interacting with people from different countries, different cultures and different personalities.

Another experience is acquiring leadership skills and thinking critically and laterally to bring about solutions to problems or challenges,


Morning aerobics bright and early

Finally, aerobics which I think is somewhat stressful but necessary to exercise the body and have some fun. Also the engineering department has made me more comfortable in what we’re learning, so much that I think the AIX 16 should which is two weeks should be extended to two years because I felt extremely happy and had fun in class.

                                                       •Ayodeji Joseph Adeniran•


Generation Challenge

Generations have come in times of yesteryear

From the generational chamber of memories

Tools have run through the hands of men

To the philosopher’s words

That baffle the worlds

To the Teresas

It was no sympathy but empathy

That sent them to the streets

To feed to clothe to treat

In the world of the Shakespeareans

Pages have turned and inks have flown

And so have minds been blown

The Yaa Asantewaas, the Kofi Annans,

The Mahatma Ghandis, the Nkrumahs and the Mandelas

Made a portrait of mother Africa

And showed it to the rest of the world


– An AIX 2016 Innovator & Poet

Sunday Best [day 8]


Not all work!

Waking up earlier than usual yesterday was really needed. I felt prepared for class, session began at 1:30. I chose entrepreneurship and it was really fun.

In class, we started off with an ice breaker, the Human Knot, which was about communicating effectively. Later we were divided into groups and were taught about the basics of entrepreneurship. The major things I learnt was that there is a difference between an entrepreneur, an intrapreneur and a social entrepreneur. We finally ended the sessions around 8pm.

After that, I went for my coaching session from 8pm to 9pm. It was really intense because we were discussing personal stuff about each other and I returned to my hostel around 9:15. In short, the day was intense but useful and interesting.

_________Raffia Olass_________

An awesome day in the life of Seyram Amezah:


Team working on a circuit

The day started like any normal Sunday for me, slow, quiet at about 7am I was up. I got ready as in I bathed and dressed because I had to go for bible study at the MPH. At about 8:45am, I reached the MPH but not many people were there so we waited till about 9:30, about then more people had come. We kicked off the study with a prayer, the study was about maturity, led by  Dr. Esi Ansah. We ended at about 11:30am, later on I had lunch at 12pm  and at 1pm we we were guided into our various models. I’m doing Engineering so I went to the Engineering Lab.

______Seyram Amezah_______


Blissful moments during entrepreneurship


At the beginning, Dr. Nathan Amanquah showed us a video about engineering which was interesting. After we talked about introduction to machinery. After we had a short break, then we moved to introduction to electronic components, building circuits, which was very new to me. I really enjoyed it today.


29011203485_56ec5ce719_o (1)

Race between participants’ robots

Well, robotics was fun. We started off with flying an agricultural drone and then, learnt what a robot is, the difference between a robot and a machine. We then divided into our groups and began the challenges. With the first challenge, we had to build robots in 5 minutes in pairs. After the winners qualified for the second round where one member of each pair had to be blindfolded while assembling the robot. In all, yesterday was fun filled but very educative.

______Maxine Bruce-Tagoe_____

_____Chantell Abena Akuffo____


Fun moment during coaching session

Dear Diary,

I am able to control that which I am aware of, that which I unaware of controls me. Awareness empowers me. This is a saying by a great person that has been running through our minds for the past four days.

Our day began with a hearty breakfast after a good night sleep ( because we did not have aerobics ). After which we watched a video of a Sierra Leonean which made us realize that the child in you should never die because it is where creativity and determination come from. Also, it made us realize that no situation is permanent. And then in the other light, it made us realize that human beings are not perfect and so they are human becomings. What struck us the most was the analogy of the moon which is the fact that most people do not complain when the moon shines – the moon is gentle and it brings light to darkness.

The fact that you haven’t achieved your ultimate goal does not mean we should not talk about it, we should not try and fit in society and also we should have empathy for people who are in less privileged situations. These are some of the lessons we derived from Kwasi Mawuli’s talk. It was an eye opening talk given one of the faculty members. It elaborated on the fact that we should not lose sight of our dreams but rather get closer to it and dive deeper. He summarized his entire talk by saying in everything God first, our purpose and then determination.

The rest of the day was filled with fun activities such as Disney’s three rooms. One-on-one interaction with people of different professions and the drama rehearsals in our various coaching groups with goal setting as the highlight of our day.

In as much as we hope to relive this day, we are glad it has ended because we know the best is yet to come.

Yours truly,

– Your favourite AIX2016 Innovator


How AIX Prepares Sumptuous Jollof [day 7]

__________ Wilhelmina Donkoh __________


Making memories

Pepper: Just like how pepper is hot and how without it Jollof is incomplete,  challenges such as Talking in Circles and Water Propulsion are tiring. From these challenges, I learnt how difficult TEAMWORK is or can be, because of the different mentalities and behaviors of each group member.

Onion: Onion in  a very useful ingredient but it makes some people cry when cutting them. Such is the experience; it hurts and it is scary to be forced out of their comfort zone during group presentations and the drama, but in the end it makes you confident, bold, and clears all fears.


Talking in Circles

Tomatoes: It represents the juicy aspect of AIX; FABULOUS fun night, CRAZY crossfire debate, CREATIVE city of life, MARVELOUS movie night, THRILLING talent show, GREAT girls-girls talk and EXTRAORDINARY entrepreneurial expedition.


“disadvantages of stereotypes” – at the AIX Drama Night

And the blending of these ingredients to make the stew represents the different educative and memorable challenges, activities, presentations, the round table discussion, wonderful sessions on Lateral, Critical and Design Thinking as well as the session on self-leadership, Career Workshop and Goal-Setting. AIX is organized to grow and train future, innovative, creative and fruitful leaders.

In addition to these, the insoluble nature of oil represents the insoluble nature of the AIX experience, the memories and lessons learnt would be difficult to fade away.


The spices and maggie put in the stew to give it taste is the discipline, ethical values and morals instilled in us to to straighten our lives.

The uniqueness of water being a universal solvent represents how AIX dissolves all fears in teenagers around African to make them bold and confident and, also, how AIX trains young teenagers to become skilled and innovative.

Finally, the rice represents team playing and diversity. Since rice has numerous grains numerous, it represents the numerous participants from different backgrounds and countries.


A.I.X. 16!