The Closing Address

Participants of the Ashesi Innovation Experience program line up to form the letters AIX.

Participants of the Ashesi Innovation Experience program line up to form the letters AIX.

The AIX Team wishes to express its profound gratitude to everyone who made this program a reality. These last two weeks have been incredible and fulfilling. Many talented, creative and innovative young minds graced the Ashesi campus with their presence and left a mark of optimism on the campus. Each day proved to be more rewarding than the last, and it has been our greatest pleasure to watch every student move from their comfort zones to their growth zones after being challenged to think laterally, critically, and creatively, while understanding the value of teamwork.

We say a big thank you to the participants for being a part of this program and allowing their intelligence and curiosity to help them better understand themselves and their environment. We thank their families, guest speakers and sponsors for their continuous support and dedication to the program. Finally, we thank our team of faculty, staff, and Ashesi students for devoting their time and energy to making the 2014 AIX program a complete success. Ayekoo!



Final Challenge: Robotics

By:  Maame Adwoa Wilson

Final testing before the official event

Final testing before the official event

Seeing something and saying it will work is completely different from programming a robot to do what you say can be done. We came back from our field trip tired and upset that the entrepreneurs went to Marina Park to have fun while we went to the Tema Harbour  to see ships even when Ghana doesn’t  own one (but has her flag on all of them), and forklifts and cranes, etc. The Tema Harbour trip wasn’t for nothing though, it had everything to do with our final challenge. Continue reading

The Final Challenge: Entrepreneurship

By: Nana Ekow Sackey

Bouncing ideas off each other...After two weeks of intense preparation, all our efforts had finally culminated in amazing and potentially successful ventures.
The ‘atmosphere’ on Saturday was filled with drowsiness and grumpiness – understandably so, since most of the teams had stayed up to finish their projects – as team members ironed out their remaining kinks. After the finishing touches had been applied, team members went to gussy up to present their ideas to evaluators and parents alike.  Continue reading

Humans Vs Robots : Who’s More Annoying?


By: Simeon Mark-Cofie

Humans Vrs. Robots

I can shorten this immediately; humans dey bore. On the subject of hair, for example, the only reason mine is so controversial for being long is that people who’ve snaked their ways into high points in the educational administration system decided I can’t let my body produce it’s sunshine protector at a length greater than that of desert grass. Continue reading

Kristine’s Expectations of the Final Robotics Challenge

By: Kristine Atease

Innovators work on their programs for the final challenge

Innovators code their robots for the final challenge

Today is dubbed “Final Challenge Day”. Technically, it’s not really that, but then that is what it represents. Today promises to be “fun”, if you call being tense “fun”. Tension is hanging in the air like a menacing cloud. Everyone is looking forward to proving himself or herself. It’s kinda like going to write some final exam to prove that you’ve studied hard. Except that, that is not the case.

Continue reading

Entrepreneurship Report: Day Six

By: Stephanie Donkor, Dzidedi Senaya and Sophia Minkah-Premo


“Work hard with honesty. Life is too short to go it waste. Make your life meaningful, break your ego, forgive quickly, live truly, laugh loudly, have faith in self and never avoid anything which makes you smile.” – Anil Sinha

We woke up quite ecstatic because we didn’t have aerobics. Oh and about that, Thelma had really struggled to prepare for yesterday’s aerobics but guess what she realised when she got there… Not a single soul was there. Thelma, we’re honestly sorry ‘because it was unintentional. As time elapsed, it dawned on us that our time at Ashesi was coming to an end. It was saddening, but what on earth could we do to curb this if not make ourselves happy. Continue reading

The Future with Robots

By: Ivana Ofori

Metre Run [11th Aug - Robotics]

“I do think, in time, people will have, sort of, relationships with certain kinds of robots – not every robot, but certain kinds of robots – where they might feel that it is a sort of friendship, but it’s going to be of a robot-human kind.”              – Cynthia Breazeal

Am I the only one who is terrified by the idea of robots having free will? Maybe Wall-E wasn’t the best choice of movies to watch at a robotics camp… or maybe, it was the most effective. Continue reading