Monday Buzz [day 9]


Teammates working on their robot

It’s been almost two weeks now, two creative, innovative, mind-stretching, entertaining and worthwhile weeks in Ashesi Univeristy.

Its been a tough learning experience but very fruitful, I have learnt so much from leadership design and engineering.The challenges given to us from design were tricky and I loved them. It brought out our crazy creativity. Also building smart houses was so much fun in engineering.

Working in groups promoted teamwork and the various presentations boosted up our confidence in public speaking.Everything in general, from the kind-hearted and understanding faculty, to the friendly and amazing coaches and even to the kitchen


Participants prepping their robots

staff was wonderful.

If I had a chance I’d love to come to AIX 17 for another round of innovative experience

•Maame Akosua Odei Kyei•

My name Ayodeji Adeniran Joseph, I am from CAC Grammar School, in Ekiti Sate of Nigeria. One of my most memorable experience in AIX 16 is learning how to adapt in interacting with people from different countries, different cultures and different personalities.

Another experience is acquiring leadership skills and thinking critically and laterally to bring about solutions to problems or challenges,


Morning aerobics bright and early

Finally, aerobics which I think is somewhat stressful but necessary to exercise the body and have some fun. Also the engineering department has made me more comfortable in what we’re learning, so much that I think the AIX 16 should which is two weeks should be extended to two years because I felt extremely happy and had fun in class.

                                                       •Ayodeji Joseph Adeniran•


Sunday Best [day 8]


Not all work!

Waking up earlier than usual yesterday was really needed. I felt prepared for class, session began at 1:30. I chose entrepreneurship and it was really fun.

In class, we started off with an ice breaker, the Human Knot, which was about communicating effectively. Later we were divided into groups and were taught about the basics of entrepreneurship. The major things I learnt was that there is a difference between an entrepreneur, an intrapreneur and a social entrepreneur. We finally ended the sessions around 8pm.

After that, I went for my coaching session from 8pm to 9pm. It was really intense because we were discussing personal stuff about each other and I returned to my hostel around 9:15. In short, the day was intense but useful and interesting.

_________Raffia Olass_________

An awesome day in the life of Seyram Amezah:


Team working on a circuit

The day started like any normal Sunday for me, slow, quiet at about 7am I was up. I got ready as in I bathed and dressed because I had to go for bible study at the MPH. At about 8:45am, I reached the MPH but not many people were there so we waited till about 9:30, about then more people had come. We kicked off the study with a prayer, the study was about maturity, led by  Dr. Esi Ansah. We ended at about 11:30am, later on I had lunch at 12pm  and at 1pm we we were guided into our various models. I’m doing Engineering so I went to the Engineering Lab.

______Seyram Amezah_______


Blissful moments during entrepreneurship


At the beginning, Dr. Nathan Amanquah showed us a video about engineering which was interesting. After we talked about introduction to machinery. After we had a short break, then we moved to introduction to electronic components, building circuits, which was very new to me. I really enjoyed it today.


29011203485_56ec5ce719_o (1)

Race between participants’ robots

Well, robotics was fun. We started off with flying an agricultural drone and then, learnt what a robot is, the difference between a robot and a machine. We then divided into our groups and began the challenges. With the first challenge, we had to build robots in 5 minutes in pairs. After the winners qualified for the second round where one member of each pair had to be blindfolded while assembling the robot. In all, yesterday was fun filled but very educative.

______Maxine Bruce-Tagoe_____

_____Chantell Abena Akuffo____


Fun moment during coaching session

Structures and Stereotypes [day 4]


Discussion of City of Life

Can you guess what this will be ??? Well ..20 sticks of spaghetti, 1 yard of tape, an A4  sheet, and a MARSHMALLOW may not seem like a lot to work with but that is all we had to improvise with. In this challenge we had to build the tallest structure that could stand without support with the marshmallow situated on top. The singular challenge taught us the essence of teamwork, and that we shouldn’t rush into any challenge,thinking through before we act.

We learnt about the various character colors; cool blue, fiery red, sunshine yellow, earth green. They are all different from each other, but here’s s fun fact; each person has different combinations of all these different traits in them. This affects the careers they enter and the people they move with.


Marshmallow Challenge

Wednesday was a tiring start for day since I had barely had 5 hours of sleep only to have aerobics for 15 minutes ! Oh the horror! 15 minutes of muscle stretching, bone wrenching(exaggeration), exercise quickly brought my dull senses to life.

I had a good breakfast and headed to my cohort for the next lesson, only to realise we had a top secret exercise where we had to play the role of various people and make the most out of our situations. It was dubbed ‘new life simulation’. Being a fulani herdsman with only a few cedis, I could afford nothing and ended up going to jail for 22 years. I robbed the bank and with that money, I was given a high school diploma as well as a bachelors degree. I found that this exercise brought to light, ‘how stereotypes could fuel people’s behaviour like stealing. Since I was discriminated against several times, I completely gained an understanding of what the Fulani community go through and what they do to make the most out of it. I then had a design thinking lecture on developing point-of-view statements, as well as how might we statements. This taught me a very effective approach to problem solving.


City of Life

We then had a workshop on careers and learnt on breakdowns developed by Hippocrates on the types of people we have on earth and according to that their possible careers. We also had a marshmallow challenge, which required placing a marshmallow on top of spaghetti while still making it as tall as possible and to keep it standing on its own. My group had a good structure, but decided to make it taller, because we believed the competition was fierce. At the end of it all. We did not have a standing frame, and therefore lost our place in the competition.What I really learnt from this was to be focused and ensure you plan before prototyping.



Team work makes the difference

       |Ako Benjamin Nai|       |Michael Agyeman-Prempeh|

                               |Elikem Vogbe Kobla|