What AIX does to you [day 12]


So today was exciting and scary at the same time. Why? Because we were going to be introduced to our final challenge today. After studying how the reed switch was used in a circuit, the suspense was broken. And guess what, we didn’t just have one challenge, we had two! Our first challenge was to build two rooms of our choice out of cardboard. We were to use four sensors and actuators each and program them to respond to the code in these rooms – basically a smart house.


Our second challenge was to code an actual house made out of wood to respond to the commands of your choice. We started with our first challenge, it was fun bringing together all the crazy ideas we each had in our separate groups and building this smart house, but i must say, it can be very frustrating when your code is not working.


This is what AIX does, it pushes you to the limit – no, beyond the limit! It takes you out of your comfort zone. It simply brings out the real you.




__________ Kalmoni Kamilia __________


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