How was your day? [day 11]

My experience today has been very interesting and stressful at the same time.  In the morning we had our normal daily kickoff where members from each group, be it engineering, robotics or entrepreneurship, came up and gave a brief summary of what they did and learned the previous day. After this we proceeded to our individual groups to receive information about our final challenge.

In engineering we were given two final challenges; one was to build an automated structure and it could be whatever you wanted whether a house, an office building or a stadium, and the other was to wire a room. The room was supposed to be wired for other people to come in and experience your work so it’s sort of like an inspection but luckily we have been given 3 days to complete our challenges.


Team dynamics

After receiving our challenges and starting a bit of work, we moved to one of the classes to have a talk with five people; four engineers and one computer scientist. They talked to us about what work they did, some challenges they faced getting to where they were, their proudest moment and other fields of work they could get into with their skill set. After the talk we managed to ask a few questions then we headed back to the engineering lab to continue our project.


We continued to work on our projects. The stress started to set in as people had different ideas on what should be used and where it should be used and what it should be used for. Due to this I decided to leave the designing of the house to my group mates and I started programming how the things we agreed on should work. As we continued working I realized that things were becoming easier because there was a lot more consensus in the group and this wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for our group coach Jessica. She really encouraged us throughout the time we were working and this gave us hope so we managed to continue. We still haven’t finished but then at least we got somewhere decent with our work and I hope we will be able to finish before the deadline so we can have more time to include any finishing touches, which may make our work better in one way or another. In summary it started of well, took a bad turn but then it went back on track.

by William Amuzu



Yesterday, honestly wasn’t my best day. It started out alright with breakfast and some  Lego Challenges. As the day went on, I began to feel a bit under the weather and that made me feel bad. We had a career workshop but unfortunately, I found it challenging to be attentive. Back in the robotics class, fortunately, I was quite familiar with the principles that were taught.

by Anderson Addo


On the 17th of August 2016, AIX was a good day and it was also a bad day for me as a member of the AIX team! To be sincere, I will say this week was a challenging week for me since I was always thinking about things to do in order to be part for the presentation which goes on in my module (Entrepreneurship). The reason was me being stammerer. I was always frightened to talk when there are a lot of people around but with the help of my team coach and Dr. Sena, I have realized who I am. I was a trying to talk normally as my mates did but it was difficult. Dr. Sena inspires me. She took me to one of the staff members of Ashesi who was a stammerer but has been able to recover.

He advised me and now I am not stressed with any problem. So with everything that goes on, I try to involve myself now.


“I try to involve myself now”

by Gyan Ampofo


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