Le Genre Mardi [day 10]


The day started with aerobics. I was woken up by my room mentor David Edem, so I could get ready . I put on my sports cloths, brushed my teeth and went to the park place for aerobics. It was very hectic but energising. Then I had to rush to the bathroom so I could get a hot shower before breakfast which I did . I ate the usual at breakfast. Bread , eggs and sausage. And the we all proceeded to Motulsky hall. Some pictures and announcements were given and then  I went to my robotics class. 28929941952_6c72c82297_o.jpg

We continued programming the robots we had built and getting it to do different tasks. We work in pairs for programming one robot. We were asked to program the robot to drive in different shapes like squares and triangles. Most pairs did it successfully including my own. Writing code is a bit tedious at first but then you start getting used to it. We had some snacks in between the lessons. At one point all the robotics students were called unto the field to do an exercise .We were divided into groups of about seven people each . The goal of the game was to untangle ourselves while we are holding the hands of the person across from us .



My team was able to do it really well . And lessons continued. Around dinner we all moved to the cafeteria to eat . Now was one of the few times your could see people from the other classes who are either in entrepreneurship or engineering.  We cherish that time now . The mentors had organised a ‘boys boys ‘ meeting with only male participants. We discussed issues which seemed important and gave advice to each other based on our experiences. It was a very funny experience . We got to ask questions which were other wise deemed inappropriate. Our only problem  was time , before we could finish discussing all out issues, it was already time for the next event. It took place in the lounge.28934843131_e159f5c5f8_o

When we got there , loud music was already playing we got us in the mood.Different cocktails were served . Some were weird with huge Fruit pieces inside. I didn’t even dare to try those .When the girls arrived the party actually begun. We all danced to the music. Some people decided to play basketball. Soo many activities were going on at the same time .It was awesome . Unfortunately someone got injured during the basketball match but he was well taken care of by the mentors and friends around . My friends and I at a point took uno cards and played around some benches while chatting . The evening was lit. When everything had died down everyone starting going back to their rooms. I went to my room and changed into more comfortable cloths. And then went to bed.


  • Malik Aryee-Boi


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