Monday Buzz [day 9]


Teammates working on their robot

It’s been almost two weeks now, two creative, innovative, mind-stretching, entertaining and worthwhile weeks in Ashesi Univeristy.

Its been a tough learning experience but very fruitful, I have learnt so much from leadership design and engineering.The challenges given to us from design were tricky and I loved them. It brought out our crazy creativity. Also building smart houses was so much fun in engineering.

Working in groups promoted teamwork and the various presentations boosted up our confidence in public speaking.Everything in general, from the kind-hearted and understanding faculty, to the friendly and amazing coaches and even to the kitchen


Participants prepping their robots

staff was wonderful.

If I had a chance I’d love to come to AIX 17 for another round of innovative experience

•Maame Akosua Odei Kyei•

My name Ayodeji Adeniran Joseph, I am from CAC Grammar School, in Ekiti Sate of Nigeria. One of my most memorable experience in AIX 16 is learning how to adapt in interacting with people from different countries, different cultures and different personalities.

Another experience is acquiring leadership skills and thinking critically and laterally to bring about solutions to problems or challenges,


Morning aerobics bright and early

Finally, aerobics which I think is somewhat stressful but necessary to exercise the body and have some fun. Also the engineering department has made me more comfortable in what we’re learning, so much that I think the AIX 16 should which is two weeks should be extended to two years because I felt extremely happy and had fun in class.

                                                       •Ayodeji Joseph Adeniran•



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