Manage the Challenge [day 6]


The design way

__________ Issa Laari __________

On Friday, 12th august 2016, we were given a challenge. It involved the struggles a migrant; Yankaza Amina, encountered in urban areas were asked to come up with solutions to her problems. Her challenges were frequent illness, body pains and lack of proper healthcare. She was from the Northern region and had been in Accra for many years without achieving her goal.


“…and we are proud of it.” – Chantell

So in our group we were able to write down the solutions to Amina Yankaza’s problems but our group members brought so many different ideas that we got confused about which to take. So we cancelled the solutions that we had first and while deciding on another solution we realized the time was up and we couldn’t finish solving her problem. That was the reason why we didn’t win the competition. I still have hope that the next time we have a group work to do we would be able to win.

__________ Atambire Akora Richard __________

On Friday, we were given a challenge, we interviewed migrants and were asked to solved the migrant’s problem. My group and I took Amina Yankaza. She was 21 years old and was from the northern region. She travelled to Accra and worked as a head porter. She had lived in Accra for 10 years and although she wanted to go back to her hometown, she couldn’t because she hadn’t made enough money.


A group showcasing their solution

She earned 15 cedis daily as a kayayo and fell ill frequently due to the heavy load she carried. The solution my group came up with was GO KART. It was a combination of a house and a bicycle. It worked with solar energy but without pedals and had tissue on a bed which relieved the user from pain and stress. There was a button that when pressed, lay the bed against the walls of the house leaving enough space for her to put her luggage.

______________ Nii Odai Odarteifio ______________

On Friday 12th August, we were given a challenge to find a solution to a problem migrants face when the move into urban areas. My group decided to work on Amina Denkyi, a 19-year-old girl with no family who slept on the streets. From that we came up with a solution called THE BLANKET, which could be used to protect her from mosquitoes, harsh weather conditions and also rapists.


The chance bus


Before coming up with our solution my group had one main problem.  We could not work together for the first two hours for some unknown reason. The members in the groups were feeling lazy and down because of the tasks at hand. However, after Yesmin and Araba (coaches) joined us and decided to take us outside of class. We started thinking and working together. We saw a trend in some of our ideas. It was trying to cover Amina with something. After coming up with a solution, doing the other things was easy.


An array of smart solutions to the design challenge


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