How AIX Prepares Sumptuous Jollof [day 7]

__________ Wilhelmina Donkoh __________


Making memories

Pepper: Just like how pepper is hot and how without it Jollof is incomplete,  challenges such as Talking in Circles and Water Propulsion are tiring. From these challenges, I learnt how difficult TEAMWORK is or can be, because of the different mentalities and behaviors of each group member.

Onion: Onion in  a very useful ingredient but it makes some people cry when cutting them. Such is the experience; it hurts and it is scary to be forced out of their comfort zone during group presentations and the drama, but in the end it makes you confident, bold, and clears all fears.


Talking in Circles

Tomatoes: It represents the juicy aspect of AIX; FABULOUS fun night, CRAZY crossfire debate, CREATIVE city of life, MARVELOUS movie night, THRILLING talent show, GREAT girls-girls talk and EXTRAORDINARY entrepreneurial expedition.


“disadvantages of stereotypes” – at the AIX Drama Night

And the blending of these ingredients to make the stew represents the different educative and memorable challenges, activities, presentations, the round table discussion, wonderful sessions on Lateral, Critical and Design Thinking as well as the session on self-leadership, Career Workshop and Goal-Setting. AIX is organized to grow and train future, innovative, creative and fruitful leaders.

In addition to these, the insoluble nature of oil represents the insoluble nature of the AIX experience, the memories and lessons learnt would be difficult to fade away.


The spices and maggie put in the stew to give it taste is the discipline, ethical values and morals instilled in us to to straighten our lives.

The uniqueness of water being a universal solvent represents how AIX dissolves all fears in teenagers around African to make them bold and confident and, also, how AIX trains young teenagers to become skilled and innovative.

Finally, the rice represents team playing and diversity. Since rice has numerous grains numerous, it represents the numerous participants from different backgrounds and countries.


A.I.X. 16!


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