Ensuring contention with profession [day 5 ]


from the left:  a Pilot, an Electrical Engineer, a Medical Doctor,a Fashion Entrepreneur, a poet and Literary Artist and a Telecom Business Strategist

Dear Diary,

I am able to control that which I am aware of, that which I unaware of controls me. Awareness empowers me. This is a saying by a great person that has been running through our minds for the past four days.

Our day began with a heartily breakfast after a good night sleep ( because we did not have aerobics ). After which we watched a video of a Sierra Leonean which made us realize that the child in you should never die because it is where creativity and determination comes from. Also, it made us realize that no situation is permanent. And then in the other light it made us realize that human beings are not perfect and so they are human becomings.
What struck us the most was the analogy of the moon which is the fact that most people do not complain when the moon shines – the moon is gentle an it brings light to darkness.

The fact that you haven’t achieved you ultimate goal does not mean we should not talk about it, we should not try and fit in society and also we should have empathy for people who are in less privileged situations. These are some of the lessons we derived from Kwasi Mawuli’s talk.
TK .pngIt was an eye opening talk given by a staff of Ashesi. His talk elaborated on the fact that we should not lose sight of our dreams but rather get closer to it and dive deeper. He summarized his entire talk by saying, in everything God first, our purpose and then determination.

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Students pair up to attempt the grow model

The rest of the day was filled with fun activities such as disney’s three rooms. One-on-one interaction with people of different professions and the drama rehearsals in our various coaching groups. Our goal setting session was the highlight of our day.

In as much as we hope to relive this day, we are glad it has ended because we know the best is yet to come.



Students listen with rapt attention to a professional on career advise


|Sereboo Nana Akua Agyemang|

 |Benedicta Senam Agbomadzi|

 |Angela Nana Aba Bentum|


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