Out and Free [day 3]




Talking in circles : A fun activity which depicts the relevance of communication


So today we focused on a lot of stuff such as lateral thinking, critical thinking, discussing ethics, morals and values but I’d say the most interesting part was the practical aspect which was the water propulsion challenge where we were asked to create a structure that could move in a quick and horizontal manner across the water.


The three finalists in the water propulsion challenge

 My challenge personally was coming up with an idea. My group and I finally came up with an idea, we tested it and it worked. We actually placed third in the challenge. The next practical aspect of the day was talking in circles where we were blind folded and asked to form shapes. The purpose of this was to teach us team building and effective communication. We had a break and watched a movie: “Cool Runnings”. I personally would say that this has been the most exciting and challenging day so far.


________     Kwasi A. A Boateng    ____________

The day started off with the morning aerobic session with which breakfast followed at 7am. After breakfast, we the participants went to our respective classes for the first lesson; lateral thinking. A lot ensued during the class and we tried very unorthodox out-of-the-box methods to solve problems. One of which is diving a rhombus into four equal parts and also joining nine dots arranged in groups of 3 (3 by 3), by using four lines. Then at 10 am there was an ethics lesson which spoke about having core values by which one abides to ensure that there’s no cheating.


Race between two teams

At 1400 hours GMT, there was a challenge dubbed water propulsion challenge which by given a few tools, groups were supposed to make something that can float and compete in a race. Tools were: two plastic plates, straws, kebab sticks, rubber bands, and polythene. My team lost but I still enjoyed watching how creative people were in making their structures float.  There was a movie, “Cool Runnings”, which portrayed determination which I have come to realise is key in life.

At 8.30pm, we retired to our coaching groups where we discussed our days’ activities till 9.30pm. Bedtime was at 9.50pm

________    Edudzi D. Mamattah     _________


Today was an insightful day, we began the day with our early morning aerobics to hype us up. Something I really looked forward to. Lateral thinking was our very first session, followed by critical thinking. I felt this was a novel experience and it helped me alter my perspective whiles tackling problems.


The tournament site

The water propulsion challenge was the next event of the day and the very best of satisfaction for me. It was a wonderful experience, probably my best. It was challenging and helped me learn how to work efficiently within a short period. The next activity took me by surprise. It was called “talking in circles”. It helped learn how to cooperate and bring out the results. The movie was a well deserved stress reliever and inspiration. The meals were on point, as usual.


_______  Montel Squire  _______



A debrief session to discuss both challenges



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